Possible effects of melatonin on thymus gland after pinealectomy in rats.

OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of pinealectomy and pinealectomy plus melatonin administration on thymus weight and histology in adult Wistar-albino rats.

METHODS: The animals were divided into three groups. Group I and Group II were designated as control (sham-pinealectomized) and pinealectomized rats, respectively. They received 10% ethanol (0.1 ml per day s.c.) alone. The rats in Group III were pinealectomized and daily injected with melatonin (3 mg/kg/0.1 ml 10% ethanol per day s.c.) commencing on the day seven after surgical operation. Injections were applied for two months.

RESULTS: The thymus atrophied and its weight decreased after pinealectomy (p<0.001). The cortico-medullary boundary could not be distinguished and in the thymus induced a loss of lymphoid elements, increased number of phagocytic macrophages and enlarged blood vessels. Melatonin prevented the thymic involution.

CONCLUSIONS: These results suggest that pinealectomy decreases thymus weight and that long-term administration of melatonin restores thymus weight to normal levels.

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