Lipofuscin, homocysteine and tissue polypeptide specific antigen in gestational hypertension.

OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study were to assess the levels of lipofuscin (parameter of oxidative stress), homocysteine (as a marker of vascular injury) and tissue specific antigen - TPS - (as a marker of cell proliferation) in relation to arterial pressure of pregnant woman.

STUDY DESIGN: Healthy pregnant women (n=18), women with mild 140/90=< RR<160/100 (n=19), and severe 160/100=
RESULTS: Mean duration of gestation was 34+/-5 weeks, and there were no differences between groups. Serum lipofuscin levels in mild form of pregnancy-induced hypertension were decreased comparing to normal pregnancy. Homocysteine levels were decreased and TPS levels increased in both mild and severe gestational hypertension.

CONCLUSION: Our results suggest overestimation of the role of oxidative stress and hyperhomocysteinemia in gestational hypertension.

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