Effects of certain antioxidants on lipid peroxidation process in lung homogenates of L thyroxine-receiving rats.

OBJECTIVE: A possible role of antioxidants in thyreotoxicosis was investigated. We examined the parameters of lipid peroxidation (LPO): conjugated dienes (CD), malondialdehyde (MDA), Schiff bases (SB) in lung homogenates of male Wistar rats.

METHODS: Two control groups were created: Group 1 - intact animals and Group 2 - animals injected with 0,9% NaCl. In Experiment I, the animals received L-thyroxin (LT4) i.p. (Groups 3-7). After one week the rats received additionally: Group 4 - melatonin (MEL); Group 5 - propylthiouracil (PTU); Group 6 - Ambroxol (AMB); Group 7 - N-acetylocysteine (NAC). In Experiment II, the animals received only antioxidants.

RESULTS: In Experiment I, we noticed a significantly higher MDA and SB level in Group 2, compared to that in Group 1. Moreover, we observed a significantly higher MDA and SB level in Group 3, vs. that in Group 1, but SB level was lower in Group 3 than in Group 2. Melatonin, PTU and NAC reduced CD; PTU, AMB diminished MDA and MEL, AMB lowered SB levels as compared to Group 3. In Experiment II, we observed significantly higher MDA and SB level in Group 2, vs. that in Group 1. Melatonin, AMB and NAC decreased MDA and SB level, when compared to Group 2 but PTU elevated MDA and SB level vs. that in Group 1.

CONCLUSIONS: 1) L-T4 suppresses LPO, 2) MEL, AMB and NAC protect against LPO, 3) PTU is an antioxidant in thyreotoxicosis, however, when administered alone, it enhances LPO, 4) stress accelerate LPO.

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