Application of endoscopy in pediatric and adolescent gynecology.

: Early proper diagnostics and treatment of developmental age pathologies in most cases facilitate correct sex organ development, as well as reproductive functions formation. To make the foregoing possible, it is necessary to apply minimally invasive and safest methods like vaginoscopy, hysteroscopy and laparoscopy. The main application field of vaginoscopy and hysteroscopy in pediatric and adolescent gynecology is the diagnosis and treatment of vulvar and vaginal pathologies and developmental anomalies of sex organ. The laparoscopy is becoming a more and more popular method in the treatment of adnexal tumors in children, due to its little invasiveness, quick recovery and less severe pain complaints after the surgery. The application of these endoscopic procedures should always be preceded by the complex noninvasive diagnostics, such as ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging. The endoscopic procedures facilitate wide-ranging diagnostics and simultaneously therapeutic management, ensuring minimal invasion and high safety of the surgery. They should be considered diagnostics and treatment of choice in the pathology of vulva, vagina, developmental anomalies of sex organ and adnexal tumors in patients of the developmental age.

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