Transverse testicular ectopia with abnormal karyotype - a case report.

OBJECTIVES: Growth disturbances and developmental malformations of external genitalia, such as hypospadias, bifid scrotum and micropenis, coexisting with non-palpable testes, may develop as a result of primary endocrinological dysfunctions as well as an effect secondary to chromosomal aberrations. Therefore, patients with these symptoms require specific diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.

DESIGN AND METHODS: We present an example of TTE as a presentation of karyotype abnormalities. Clinical presentation - 9.5 year old boy presented with hypospadias, bilateral cryptorchidism and right inguinal hernia and short stature.

RESULTS: Endocrine test showed low testosterone levels with adequate gonadal response. Laparoscopy was performed and revealed the presence of TTE.

CONCLUSIONS: The presence of mosaic karyotype with abnormal Y chromosome does not exclude a possibility of testis migration disorders, including TTE, caused by other (possibly genetic) factors. Laparoscopy is a technique of choice for diagnosis and treatment in cases of cryptorchidism.

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