The quality of the nutrition in smokers.

OBJECTIVES: Approximately 30% of the adult Czech population smokes. Previous studies of smokers have documented diet sufficient in energy, but inadequate intake of dietary fibre, vitamins A, E, calcium and proteins.

DESIGN: Nutrition was assessed between the groups of the probands (over 18 years aged, 667 smokers, 1044 nonsmokers, 428 past smokers) from 1% random sample of the Czech population. All volunteers completed a one day dietary recall after instruction from a nutrition expert. The dietary recall calculated energy, proteins, fats, vitamins C and E, cholesterol, fibre, calcium and iron intake using the Nutridan programme.

RESULTS: Smokers had higher consumption of animal (p=0.0034), and total fat (p=0.0315), cholesterol (p=0.005), and lower intake of vitamin E (p=0.004) than nonsmokers. No other differences were found. The differences between past smokers and other groups were insignificant.

CONCLUSION: The smokers consumed more total and animal fat, cholesterol and less of vitamin E than nonsmokers.

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