The influence of malformation of Galen vein on the cardiovascular system in a newborn.

OBJECTIVES: Asphyxia of the newborn has a varied etiology. Clinical consequences have a broad spectrum of presentations. Arteriovenous malformation associated with an aneurysm of the Galen vein can be the cause of focal ischemic changes in the nervous parenchyma.

RESULTS: The authors report a case of a term newborn (birth weight 4, 000 grams, Apgar score 7/9). Physical investigation confirmed the presence of a continuous murmur in the area of the anterior fontanelle. Ultrasonic investigation of the brain detected a huge arteriovenous malformation of the Galen vein. Ultrasonic investigation of the heart excluded structural anomaly, but confirmed a huge retrograde flow in the aorta descendens, opened ductus arterious with suspected formation of coarctation of the aorta and dilatation of the vena cava superior.

CONCLUSION: Congenital anomaly of the Galen vein has a negative influence on prenatal and postnatal development of the brain of a newborn. In the case of our patient, it led to rapid severe asphyxiated changes of the brain parenchyma. Diagnosis and management were established, yet endovascular therapy was not indicated in the early neonatal period.

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