The influence of dinoprostone on uterine cervix ripening and the course of labor.

OBJECTIVES: The aim of the study was to estimate the influence of dinoprostone in two different forms on the ripening of uterine cervix and the course of labor.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: 128 pregnant women with indications for labor induction and uterine cervix Bishop's scores <6, divided into 2 groups: I--62 patients who had dinoprostone in the form of a gel applied for labor preinduction; II--66 women who were administered dinoprostone in the form of vaginal inserts. The effectiveness of both forms of dinoprostone were estimated and compared.

RESULTS: No differences in Bishop's score changes were noticeable between the groups after 6-8 hours from application, however they were significant at the beginning of induction: I - 7.8+/-1.3 vs. II - 6.9+/-1.6 (p=0.0007). Almost half of the patients from group II had spontaneous contractions and required no labor induction at all. The average time from dinoprostone application till delivery was shorter in group II.

CONCLUSIONS: Dinoprostone vaginal inserts seem to influence both uterine cervix and muscle, while gel-prepare uterine cervix for delivery more effectively.

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