The correlation between plasma homocysteine and malondialdehyde levels in preeclampsia.

OBJECTIVE: To investigate the possible correlation between plasma malondialdehyde and homocysteine levels of preeclamptic patients.

DESIGN: Venous blood samples of 20 preeclamptics and 20 healthy pregnant controls were collected. Plasma malondialdehyde and homocysteine concentrations were measured and the correlation between them was investigated. Mann Whitney U test and Spearman correlation analysis were used for statistical analysis.

SETTING: University of Firat, Medical School.

RESULTS: Plasma malondialdehyde and homocysteine concentrations were higher in preeclamptic patients (p<0.05) and a positive correlation between these parameters was found (r: 0.77, p<0.01, n:20).

CONCLUSION: Our results may put forward some new strategies in the research of etiopathogenesis and treatment of preeclampsia.

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