Articles by author - Ladislav Soltes

Effect of venlafaxine on scavenging free radicals in vitro.

UNLABELLED: O BJECTIVE: Venlafaxine (VLF) was examined as a potential donor of H atom(s) to scavenge hydroxyl and peroxy-type radicals gen.....

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Radical scavenging activity of Caesalpinia spinosa.

OBJECTIVES: To assess protective effects of the tara (Caesalpinia spinosa) extract against hyaluronan (HA) degradation evoked by .....

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Determination of antioxidative properties of herbal extracts: Agrimonia herba, Cynare folium, and Ligustri folium.

OBJECTIVES: Hyaluronan (HA) molecules were exposed to free radical-mediated degradation performed by the reaction mixture Cu(II) .....

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