Selected auxological aspects of anorexia nervosa--relations of body weight to body height and menstrual cycle.

: Specific aspects of therapy of eating disorders in pubescent and adolescent girls are related to unfinished biological development in time of severe malnutrition. Namely the issues of 1) exact determination of recommended body weight (target weight, weight for discharge etc.) on the basis of the exact analysis of the weight history, 2) relation between body weight and menstrual cycle (menarche, amenorrhoea and remenorrhoea) and 3) risk of non-realization of the genetic growth potential (status of linear growth and skeletal maturity) are discussed in this article. The article brings the results of the data analysis of 90 inpatients with anorexia nervosa and the tables of the recommended target weight for adolescents with finished linear growth. The authors emphasize the importance of an exact analysis of growth and weight history and of reflection of biological age in girls with eating disorders for successful and reasonable realimentation therapy.

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