Reproductive disturbances in type 1 diabetic women.

: Among young type 1 diabetic women disturbances of reproductive system and other related disorders are often present. The present paper, which reviews the literature of the part several years aims to present some of those disorders. Special attention is focused on menstrual irregularities, fertility and sexual problems. Type 1 diabetic women usually have a delayed menarche and an early onset of menopause than nondiabetic women. They are also at higher risk of having menstrual disturbances, such as amenorrhea and oligomenorrhea. It has been suggested that the GnRH pulse-generator in the hypothalamus is responsible for diabetic menstrual dysfunction. The risk of sexual and gestational problems is higher in type 1 diabetes than in the general population, but fertility in diabetic women seems to be similar to nondiabetics.

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