Relationship of amniotic-type placenta inflammation to pPROM, PROM and risk of early onset neonatal sepsis.

BACKGROUND: PROM and pPROM and early onset neonatal sepsis negatively affect the neonatal perinatal mortality and morbidity.

OBJECTIVES: The target of the work was to evaluate the relationship between chorioamnionitis, funisitis and PROM, pPROM and the risk of early onset neonatal sepsis.

METHODS: We examined 152 samples of the placenta and umbilical cord, histologically and microbiologically, in 53 women without PROM, 52 women with PROM and 47 women with pPROM.

RESULTS: We demonstrated a statistically significant relationship of chorioamnionitis and funisitis to the risk of early-onset neonatal sepsis. We demonstrated no relationship between pathological findings in the placenta and PROM or pPROM.

CONCLUSIONS: The histological findings of an amniotic-type placentitis can particularly be used for supporting or possibly excluding the diagnosis of early onset neonatal sepsis.

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