Progression of the erectile dysfunction in the population and the possibilities of its regression with bioregeneration.

: Article presents the latest knowledge on the pathophysiology of erectile dysfunction (ED), the influence of xenoestrogens on ED and fertility in men and the possibilities of the blocking xenoestrogen actions with natural ingredients as well as treatment options for ED with medicinal plants. With the rising phenomenon of ED in the world there is rising a market with ED treatment products. Especially in menu of internet online shops come increasingly to light new natural over the counter products for ED treatment. Sale and use of medicinal plants and their extracts in the treatment of ED is based according to the declaration of the producers first of all on a number of the thousand-year-old traditions in some nations, based on the efficacy and safety of these plants, verified in the healing practice. Aim of this article was to make an extensive review of the scientific and professional literature and to find out which medical plants, sold in the herbal products for ED, was evaluated for efficacy and safety in relevant clinical trials. The review of the literature shows, that by some marketed medicinal plants lack clinical studies, the results of some clinical studies related to the same medicinal plant are controversial and some bring significantly positive effects, but their number is minimal. The future is therefore open to starting the number of new clinical trials testing the medicinal plants in the treatment of ED with possible inclusion of some of these plants in evidence based medicine, if confirming their efficacy and safety.

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