Increased cytochrome oxidase activity in adrenal glands of thioacetamide-cirrhotic rats.

OBJECTIVES: Cytochrome oxidase activity has been determined in the adrenal glands of thioacetamide (TAA)-cirrhotic rats.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: Two groups of animals (Control group; n=10 and TAA group; n=11) of three months evolution were used to study the cytochrome oxidase activity in the suprarenal cortex (glomerular, fascicular and reticular layers) and medulla. TAA was administered orally and cytochrome oxidase (COX) activity was assayed by an immunohistochemical technique.

RESULTS: In TAA-cirrhotic rats, COX activity increases in the cortex fascicular layer (221 +/- 1.79 vs 181.9 +/- 2.75; p<0.001) as well as in the medulla (146.6 +/- 1.72 vs 129 +/- 3.09; p<0.001).

CONCLUSION: These results make it possible to consider the existence of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal-axis and adrenomedullary sympathetic system hyperactivity, both peripheral limbs of the stress system, in this experimental model of cirrhosis.

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