Homage to genial anatomist - Andreas Vesalius.

  Vol. 34 (6) 2013 Neuro endocrinology letters Biography   2013; 34(6): 498-500 PubMed PMID:  24378449    Citation  Keywords:  Anatomy:history, Autopsy:history, History, Medieval,.   

: The paper highlights the personality of the founder of modern anatomy, who was able to use his knowledge and skills to change the view on the construction of the human body extending over centuries. He introduced a new scientific approach and highlighted the importance of autopsies for understanding of human body which carefully demonstrated and documented. De humani corporis fabrica - the spectacular work, in which he summarized results of his theoretical and practical findings, has opened a new path for the study of anatomy. Andreas Vesalius became a pioneer in the history of medical education. In 2014 will pass 500 years since his birth.

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