Effect of the polymorphism in 5' UTR region of pig prolactin gene on prolactin gene expression and reproduction performance in the female pig.

OBJECTIVES: The recent genetics and molecular biology progress seems to be a fascinating challenge for the interdisciplinary studies on the effects of genetic changes in gene structure that causes the modification of physiological functions of many important proteins including hormones. Pig prolactin is one of the interesting hormones for this study.

AIM OF THE STUDY: The aim of the study was to analyze the mutation in 5'UTR region of the pig prolactin (PRL) gene and to evaluate the effect of this polymorphism on changes in plasma prolactin concentration.

RESULTS: It was found that only two individual groups of animals differed by the genotype in examined PRL gene locus - homozygote C/C and heterozygote C/T. PRL plasma concentration was 38.4 ng/ml (for C/T animals) or 42.7 ng/ml (for C/C animals). Animals with C/C genotyped exhibited a tendency to elevate PRL concentration as compared to the C/T group (p< 0.07).

CONCLUSIONS: This research combines the genetic, molecular and, in vivo, physiological study which allows focus on the possible relationship between the gene polymorphism and physiological status of animal.

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