Effect of selenium compound (selol) on the opioid activity in vincristine induced hyperalgesia.

PURPOSE: Effect of organoselenium compound (selol), on antinociceptive action of opioid agonists in vincristine neuropathic pain model was investigated.

METHODS: The changes in pain thresholds were determined using mechanical stimuli--the modification of the classic paw withdrawal test described by Randall-Selitto.

RESULTS: Daily administration of VIN (70 microg/kg, iv) resulted in progressive decrease of pain threshold. Neither morphine, fentanyl nor buprenorphine administered alone in 5 consecutive days modified the vincristine-induced hyperalgesia, whereas selol slightly increased the nociceptive threshold. Co-administration of selol with opioids markedly enhanced the analgesic activity of all three investigated compounds.

CONCLUSIONS: Therefore, concomitant administration of selenium and opioids may be beneficial in terminal neoplastic states.

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