Development of the internet based psychoeducation for patients with bipolar affective disorder.

  Vol. 34 (5) 2013 Neuro endocrinology letters Journal Article   2013; 34(5): 426-435 PubMed PMID:  23922040    Citation  Keywords:  Bipolar Disorder:psychology, Humans, Internet, Patient Education as Topic, Recurrence, Treatment Outcome,.   

OBJECTIVE: Despite pharmacological treatment of bipolar affective disorder has many advantages; only drug treatment remains insufficiently beneficial to many patients. The combination of pharmacotherapy and internet psychoeducation seems to be the effective way how to improve remission. Internet-based therapy programs offer an exclusive chance for large underserved parts of the population to make evidence-based treatment without the need of full-time therapist. Our goal was to create a psychoeducational program for patients suffering from bipolar disorder that can be used in Czech Republic.

METHODS: There were identified studies through Web of Science, PUBMED, and Scopus databases as well as existing reviews were used in development of comprehensive internet psychoeducational program for patients with bipolar disorder. The search terms included "bipolar disorder", "psychoeducation", and "internet psychoeducation". The search was performed with no language or time restrictions.

RESULTS: The internet psychoeducational program was developed in accordance to the data from the literature review. The aim of the Internet psychoeducational program of the Department of Psychiatry University Hospital in Olomouc is to familiarize patients with the fundamental nature of bipolar affective disorder, the character and principles of pharmacotherapy, the recognition of the warning signs of relapse, inappropriate and stressful stereotypes in communication within families, and finally the practice of social skills.

CONCLUSION: Information from studies can help to prepare comprehensive psychoeducational program for bipolar patients.

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