Cyclin D1 expression in primary thyroid carcinomas.

OBJECTIVES: The aim of the study was to demonstrate and evaluate the expression of cyclin D1, a protein connected with a cell cycle, by means of the immunohistochemical method in malignant thyroid neoplasms. The purpose of the analysis of the results was to explain the relation between cyclin D1 in thyroid cells and neoplasm transformation.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: The study was conducted on thyroid neoplasms from 35 patients who were diagnosed with the thyroid carcinoma (30 women and 5 men). Detection DAKO LSAB + system was applied with use of monoclonal antibodies against cyclin D1. The results of immunohistochemical reaction was described as an index (percentage of cells showing a characteristic brown color in 1000 counted cells). As a positive result of reaction an intensive brown color of carcinomas cellular nuclei was acknowledged.

RESULTS: The mean value of cyclin D1 expression index in papillary carcinoma was 14.44% +/- 9.37, in medullary carcinoma 27.35% +/- 5.40, in nonpapillary carcinomas originating from A cells 18.0% +/- 10.20. The results were statistically analyzed. In medullary carcinoma the highest values of positive cells cyclin D1 index were revealed.

CONCLUSIONS: The results obtained encourage continued studies on cyclin D1 expression in thyroid neoplasms and a more accurate analysis with a larger number of cases. Perhaps the index of this protein will become a recognized prognostic marker in thyroid neoplasms or an objective risk factor of the thyroid epithelial cells neoplastic transformation.

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