Comparison of potential markers of the biological age of healthy male adults and paraplegics.

: The actual level of the true aging of an organism is characterized by its biological age. By the means of measuring the function ability of its physiological systems, it is possible to evaluate the biological age and use it as an indicator of premature aging. Inclusion of the biological age screening among the basic health precautions should offer yet another viewpoint on how to objectively measure the changes in an organism corresponding to aging. The article presents a comparison of age dependency of selected biomarkers between groups of healthy men and paraplegics. The measurement of the battery of biomarkers was run in a group of 25 healthy male adults between 36 and 54 years of age. The second group was formed by 20 paraplegics - men between 33 and 50 years of age. In spite of small size of the groups, significant differences were found in 4 of 6 biomarkers.

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