Clinical analysis of patients with pemphigoid-like ophthalmological symptoms.

PURPOSE: The aim of this study was a clinical analysis of patients with symptoms typical of pemphigoid.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: 21 patients were enrolled on the study within the period 1988-2004. The frequency and type of ophthalmological and extraocular symptoms and accompanying diseases were assessed. The analysis also contains immunological findings as well as administered treatment.

RESULTS: Ophthalmological changes were detected in 100% of examined patients with pemphigoid. The most frequent were dry eye syndrome and conjunctivitis. Immunohistochemical tests revealed the presence of antibodies in 68.2% of the examined cases. All patients required specific treatment--local, general and surgical. Despite the administered therapy the development of cicatricial changes was observed.

CONCLUSIONS: Chronic conjunctivitis and keratitis require diagnostics into pemphigoid. Intensive therapy is necessary in patients with ocular cicatricial pemphigoid (OCP) because of high risk of blindness. Delayed diagnostics disable immunohistochemical confirmation of disease.

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