Chemerin serum levels in girls with anorexia nervosa.

BACKGROUND: The regulatory function of chemerin (CHEM) in the process of adipogenesis and the metabolism of adipocytes has been confirmed. Data from several studies have shown higher serum CHEM in obesity. To date, there are no available studies on serum CHEM concentrations in patients with anorexia nervosa (AN), which is recognized as a good biological model of the chronic atrophy of adipose tissue and energy metabolism disorders in humans.

OBJECTIVES: The aim of the study was to assess serum CHEM concentrations in girls with AN in comparison to healthy and obese subjects and determine its relationship with body mass, BMI and insulin.

METHODS: CHEM serum concentrations were evaluated using commercially available ELISA kit in 65 Polish girls with restrictive AN, in 39 healthy controls (H) and 64 girls with simple obesity (OB).

RESULTS: The mean serum CHEM concentration in the AN group was significantly lower than in the H and OB groups. After adjusting for BMI, CHEM concentrations in the AN group were significantly lower than in the H group, but statistically higher than in the OB group. Significant correlations between serum CHEM and body mass (r=0.77), BMI (r=0.82), Cole index (r=0.81) and serum insulin (r=0.78) were observed.

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