Alpha-1 antitrypsin (alpha1-AT) plasma levels in lung, prostate and breast cancer patients.

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Alpha-1 antitrypsin (alpha1-AT) is one of the most important extra-cellular serine protease inhibitors. Elevation of alpha1-AT serum levels have been observed in the course of a large number of malignant diseases. In this study, using Radial Immunodiffusion Method, we studied the serum levels of alpha1-AT in lung, prostate and breast cancer patients.

RESULTS: Lung and prostate cancer patients have shown a significant elevation in alpha1-AT serum levels compared with those of healthy controls (P-value = 0,0001, 0,003 respectively). On the other hand, breast cancer patients did not show a significant change in these levels. Serum levels of alpha1-AT were 261.7 +/- 107.26, 222.7 +/- 87.30 and 183.8 +/- 45.05 mg/dl of lung, prostate and breast cancer patients, respectively, while those of healthy controls were 163.9 +/- 23.2 mg/dl in males and 186.13 +/- 39.81 mg/dl in females.

CONCLUSION: These data demonstrated that alpha1-AT plasma levels might be an alarming factor to be considered in the diagnosis as well as in the follow up of cancer cases.

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