A rare case of ectopic pregnancy - retroperitoneal ectopic pregnancy.

: Ectopic pregnancy is a condition when fertilized egg implants outside the uterine cavity. The reported incidence is about 0.5-1% of all pregnancies. Retroperitoneal ectopic pregnancies (REP) are extremely rare and early diagnosis and treatment is very difficult. For the adequate management and elimination of risks of maternal morbidity and even mortality, timely diagnosis is of a key importance. A 38-year-old woman was referred to our department for RCUI due to missed abortion/anembryonic pregnancy. Re-RCUI was later indicated due to suspicion of residua post RCUI. Histological examination didn't confirm intrauterine pregnancy, β-hCG blood levels were flat. Further ultrasonographic examination identified retroperitoneal ectopic pregnancy, most likely in the precaval lymph node. The surgical and subsequently histological examination confirmed this diagnosis. Our case describes successful management of rare retroperitoneal ectopic pregnancy. When common sites of ectopic pregnancy do not have any positive finding, then the presence of REP should be taken into consideration.

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