A follow-up of 130 patients with acromegaly in a single centre.

OBJECTIVES: Acromegaly is a rare disease with increased mortality rate. The aim was to present our centre experience in the diagnosis and treatment of a series of patients suffering from acromegaly.

METHODS: 130 patients (55 men, 75 women) aged 19-84 years presenting with clinical and hormonal features of acromegaly, attending Department of Endocrinology and Out-patient Clinic between 1990 and 2004 were studied. They were analyzed their GH and IGF-1 levels, CT and MRI scans, and they were administered medical therapy, neurosurgery and radiotherapy.

RESULTS: We have observed 106 macro-, 16 microadenomas and 1 case of ectopic GHRH. 115 patients were operated, as cured were recognized 74 of them. Pituitary irradiation was applied to 11 patients, in 4 of them it did not cure the disease. Medical therapy was efficacious in 12% patients treated with bromocriptine, 73% with long-acting lanreotide and 58% with long-acting octreotide. In 7 patients other malignant neoplasm were detected. 11 patients died during the follow-up.

CONCLUSIONS: There is possible underdiagnosis of acromegaly in our region, especially in males. We have observed better diagnostic opportunities in recent years when MRI was available. It was accompanied by better outcome of surgical and pharmacological treatment and better control of the complications of the disease.

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