Young advisors to the Ombudsman as co-operators of child psychiatry.

: In Slovakia, Legislation regulates the rights of individuals with mental disorders. Observance of these regulations is monitored by a designated Ombudsman or Public Defender of Rights which was created with the adoption of the Constitutional Act No. 90/2001. The Public Defender of Rights pays special attention toward the young generation including mentally handicapped children which since 2002 serves as the basis for collaboration with Child Ombudsmen who also act in prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect Syndrome (CAN). Problematic children receive little attention not only in Slovakia. Such children can be found in many other countries and this is where the Child Ombudsman could act with beneficial effect. Since December 2008, Slovak school children have selected from their ranks a "Child Ombudsman" who is willing to defend the rights of every classmate, including those with mental problems. The Child Ombudsmen become assistants in Pedopsychiatry. An international network of Child Ombudspersons aimed at preventing development of mental and physical damage has been developed. Functioning in 22 European countries within The European Network of Ombudspersons for Children was implemented on a greater scale in April 2010. The Child Ombudspersons should be included in all public healthcare system.

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