The river of life method in a schema therapy groups.

  Vol. 45 (1) 2024 Neuro endocrinology letters Journal Article   2024; 45(1): 55-68 PubMed PMID:  38295428    Citation

: Schema therapy is an integrative approach to treat patients with personality disorders and other complex psychological problems. Group schema therapy has been developed to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of schema therapy by providing a supportive and stimulating environment for change. This article introduces the River of Life Method, a novel technique for facilitating group schema therapy, based on the metaphor of a river of life. The method helps patients to identify and modify their maladaptive schemas and modes in a nurturing process in the group. The article describes the theoretical background, the practical steps, and the clinical applications of the method. It also presents the patients' experience with the method, based on their feedback and self-reports. The results showed that the method was well received by both patients and therapists, and that it had positive effects on schema modes, psychological distress, and coping with adversities and hope for the future.

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