The problem of goitre with particular consideration of goitre resulting from iodine deficiency (I): classification, diagnostics and treatment.

  Vol. 23 (4) 2002 Neuro endocrinology letters Journal Article   2002; 23(4): 351-355 PubMed PMID:  12195240    Citation  Keywords:  Goiter:diagnosis, Humans, Iodine:deficiency,.   

: In the present review paper, the following problems have been brought up: 1) types of nontoxic goitre and applied classification, 2) physiological periods or states predisposing to non-toxic goitre development, 3) evaluation of excessive stimulation of the thyroid gland, 4) the treatment of iodine deficiency consequences (non-toxic diffuse vs. non-toxic nodular goitre), 5) autoimmunologically-induced non-toxic goitre, and 6) positive effects of iodine prophylaxis with respect to goitre prevalence. The management of non-toxic nodular goitre, as well as of thyroid nodules is a separate and very complex issue, and--at the same time--the subject of our next review paper, published in the same issue of NEL.