The efficacy of human chorionic gonadotropin in retractile testis.

OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the efficacy of hCG therapy on retractile testis in various testicular locations and age groups.

SETTING AND DESIGN: This study comprised 123 boys whose diagnosis were retractile testis with scrotal base, high scrotal and superficial inguinal localizations with an average age of 4,2 (1-8) years.

METHODS: 123 boys with retractile testes were given a total dose of 9000 hCG and its effect on scrotal base, high scrotal and superficial inguinal located testes were evaluated after 2 weeks and 6 months of completing hCG course. The patients were evaluated in four age groups such as less than 2 years of age, between 2-4, 4-6 years and more than 6 years of age and the response rates were also noted in these age groups.

RESULTS: In unilateral cases, the response in base, high scrotal and superficial inguinal levels were found as 100%, 83,3%, 72,7% respectively where as these rates were found as 100%, 92,6%, 76,3% respectively in bilateral cases after 2 weeks of hCG therapy. The response rates in less than 2 year old group, 2-4, 4-6 and more than 6 years group were found as 0%, 80%, 78,7%, 100% respectively in unilateral cases and 33,3%, 90%, 86,9% and 83,3% respectively in bilateral cases. After 6 months, reascend was observed in 12,4% in unilateral group and 6,7% in bilateral group.

MAIN FINDINGS: 72,7-100% of retractile testes respond to hCG administration with the highest response in the age of more than six year group.

CONCLUSION: High response rates observed in retractile testes after hCG therapy in more than 2 years old age group indicate that hCG must be given as a primary treatment in retractile testes and orchiopexy for the failures. Also patients must be followed up closely for reascend cases.

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