Tapentadol in an Experimental Animal Model of Acute Orofacial Pain.

OBJECTIVE: Tapentadol exhibits a synergistic dual effect effect (MOR / NRI) -agonist effect on noradrena-line reuptake inhibition (NRI). Tapentadol is effective on pain with neuropathic characteristics, therefore we decided to use it in an experimental model of acute orofacial pain. METHODS: The Orofacial Stimulation Test, developed by Ugo Basile, measures hypersensitivity to thermal or mechanical stimulation of the trigeminal area. In the experiment, rats had to voluntarily contact a thermal or mechanical stimulator with their unshaved vibrissal pad in order to access a food reward. Twenty adult laboratory rats (average weight 345 grams) were tested. Intraperitoneal tapentadol was used in doses of 1 mg/kg and 2 mg/kg. RESULTS: The results of the pilot study indicate that intraperitoneal administration of tapentadol (2 mg/kg) increased mechanical anti-nociception in rats.

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