Soft and hard tissue response to zirconium dioxide dental implants--a clinical study in man.

: Titanium dental implants have been used successfully in implantology for more than 40 years. Recent research, however, suggests that titanium might have more side effects than previously believed. Zirconia ceramics have been employed in orthopaedic surgery for approximately 30 years and were recently introduced into dentistry as a metal replacement for crown and bridge work as well as implant abutments. Zirconium dioxide has been shown in both in vitro and in vivo studies to have desirable osseointegrative properties. This clinical study shows that dental implants made from zirconia are a feasible alternative to titanium dental implants. In addition to excellent cosmetic results, zirconia implants allow a degree of osseointegration and soft tissue response that is superior to titanium dental implants.

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