Primary hyperparathyroidism presenting as a giant cell tumor of the jaws.

OBJECTIVE: Giant cell tumors of the maxillofacial skeleton are uncommon, they are usually late manifestation of primary hyperparathyroidism. A series of five clinical cases in four women and one man presenting as the giant cell lesions in the maxilla and/or mandible are discussed.

METHODS: Biopsy of the lesions, biochemical and hormonal analyses, densitometry and parathyroid scintigraphy were carried out.

RESULTS: Biopsy of the lesions showed giant cell tumor of bone. The medical history and laboratory analyses showed primary hyperparathyroidism. Bone density loss was documented and scintigraphy revealed the presence of parathyroid adenomas in four cases. Surgical treatment of hyperparathyroidism, and in the second step - after 6-12 months - the subsequent excision of residual brown tumors in all cases was performed.

CONCLUSIONS: One should have in mind that osteolytic bone lesions may be due to metabolic disease of the bone. Accurate diagnosis enabling the proper treatment should be carried out, avoiding unnecessary harm to the patients.

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