Prevention of "nitrosative stress" by a nutritional supplement (LaVita®) - a randomized placebo controlled double blind clinical trial with healthy volunteers.

  Vol. 37 (5) 2016 Neuro endocrinology letters Journal Article   2016; 37(5): 345-352 PubMed PMID:  28171220    Citation

BACKGROUND: A common pathomechanism involved in many degenerative manifestations of non-communicable diseases is nitrosative stress, giving rise to a chronic insidious inflammation causing silent inflammation at a cellular level. The release of nitric oxide inhibits multiple enzyme reactions with reduced oxidative phosphorylation and mitochondrial ATP depletion.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: We hypothesized that enzyme-inhibition can be alleviated by micronutrient supply, and studied laboratory parameters associated with nitrosative stress (nitrotyrosine, mitochondrial activity) after a micronutrient supplementation (a multivitamin mineral and trace element formulation as verum: LaVita®) and a placebo in healthy volunteers (n=150) for six months.

RESULTS: Mean nitrotyrosine levels dropped significantly after 3 month in the verum and placebo group, whereas mitochondrial activity increased after three month in the verum group (p=0,087), but not in the placebo group (p=0,990). Ubiquinone - an essential ingredient for mitochondrial function- increased after six months in the verum group, but not after placebo consumption (p=0,001). Serum zinc and cellular zinc increased steadily after 3 and 6 month verum intake (p<0,001). As the enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD) is mainly involved in the formation of nitrosative stress (peroxides) we measured the activity, and found significant differences in the placebo and verum group after 3 and 6 month (p=0,050 and p=0,003 respectively).

CONCLUSION: We conclude that a balanced combination of vital nutrients may reduce nitrosative stress and silent inflammation, and consequently the risk for various forms of degenerative diseases.

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