Precocious puberty with congenital hypothyroidism.

: Precocious puberty associated with profound hypothyroidism is a rare condition. It is usually characterized by breast development, vaginal bleeding, lack of pubic hair and delayed bone age. Multicystic ovaries in profound hypothyroid patients with precocious puberty have been rarely described. Vaginal bleeding in adolescent girls should be considered as a clinical significance particularly when it is prolonged or heavy, whereas vaginal bleeding in younger girls, regardless of its duration and quantity is always of clinical importance. Bleeding in such patients could be caused by local causes such as vulvar or vaginal lesions, or it could be from the endometrium, which is usually a sign of systemic hormonal disturbance [1]. In this report a rare case of vaginal bleeding, large, multicystic ovaries, precocious puberty and delayed bone age in a 7 years old girl with profound hypothyroidism is described.

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