Potential of the multivitamin-mineral-trace element composition LaVita® before, during and after pregnancy.

OBJECTIVES: Pregnancy is a period in life with a high demand of micronutrients. A prophylactic supplementation of folic acid to reduce the risk of neurological malformations in the newborn is common practice. The array of essential micronutrients during pregnancy includes neurotropic vitamins (Vitamin B6, B12 and folic acid), minerals like iron, and trace elements like zinc. As the serum level of most micronutritients is actively regulated by the organism, a prophylactic broad supplementation with a mild, but effective supplementation typically does not pose any risk for exaggerated serum levels, therefore prophylactic intake may be prefered to blood screening and specific interventions. METHODS: To investigate the ingredients' bioavailability of the complex vitamin-mineral-trace element composition LaVita® we recruited healthy volunteers for six months and observed the changes of pregnancy relevant parameters by means of laboratory measures. The study design was prospective, double blind, placebo controlled, and included a "male group control". We determined baseline parameters of folate, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, iron, zinc, homocysteine and Hb-alpha-1c. After three and six months of daily intake of the study substance the blood tests were repeated and compared to the baseline levels. RESULTS: The regular intake resulted in an increase of the supplemented substances' serum levels. The metabolic parameter homocysteine decreased significantly, Hb-alpha-1c was slightly lowered. CONCLUSION: The regular intake filled up the respective storage compartments and reservoirs in the tissues, and improved the metabolic status. Female participants tended to benefit more than male. We conclude that the composition is safe, and warrants optimized micronutrient supply during pregnancy or postnatal breastfeeding.

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