Pneumococcal meningitis in community is frequent after craniocerebral trauma and in alcohol abusers.

: Aim of this short communication was to assess risk factors and outcome of community acquired pneumococcal meningitis and compare it to all cases of community acquired meningitis. Univariate analysis was used for comparison of 68 pneumococcal to 201 CBM within a Slovak nationwide database of CBM. Significant risk factors for pneumococcal meningitis were previous craniocerebral trauma within 7 days (39.7% vs. 14.9%, p=0.00002), splenectomy (10.3% vs. 3.5%, p=0.03) and alcohol abuse (36.8% vs. 15.4%, p=0.0001). Concerning outcome, mortality was similar (8,8% and 12,4%, NS), proportion of those with neurologic sequellae after CBM due to Str. pneumoniae was insignificantly higher (20.6% vs. 15.4%, NS) in comparison to all CBM. All but 2 strains Str. pneumoniae were susceptible to penicillin and macrolides (3.3% resistance).