Periodic emergence of great poets in the history of Arabia & Persia, China and Japan.

  Vol. 25 (3) 2004 Neuro endocrinology letters Historical Article   2004; 25(3): 169-172 PubMed PMID:  15349079    Citation  Keywords:  Arabia, China, Documentation, History, Ancient, History, Medieval, Humans, Japan, Persia, Poetry as Topic:history,.   

: A periodicity of about 500 years has been discovered in the history of poetry and documented by means of inferential statistics. Great poets of Arabia, Persia, China and Japan emerged periodically every 500 years. Moreover, the waves of poetic creativeness in the West and in the East have been synchronous for the last 3000 years. It is a surprising fact, that this periodicity has been known already before 800 B.C. to the priests of Babylon, who ascribed it to the influence of goddess Inanna. A set of psychological symptoms typical for pubescence recurs on a global (worldwide) scale during these historical epochs every 500 years. One possible explanation would be to search for a cosmophysical factor, which impacts the neuroendocrine system of men.