Obstetrical prevention of human cancers. Review article.

: Cancer appears in the new form of cell life as a direct consequence of self-organising pre-cancer cells (dissipathogenic systems), whose further existence is disabled by extreme impairment of their metabolism. Life itself is the highest value, since instead of necrosis or apoptosis, the cellular system in an unfavourable environment can change its genetic identity provided that the improvement in its own metabolism leads to increased chaos by higher dissipation of matter and energy in its environment. Prolongation of human life has resulted by a longer period of old age which is favourable for self-organisation of dissipative neoplastic cells. Modern medicine has explained the relation of the cervical cancer to preterm births and to inadequate use of oral contraceptives and/or replacement, instead of supplementary, neurohormonal therapy. Therefore, as early as in the period of pregnancy reproductive cells should be protected due to their prime importance in the intergenerational passage of life. Disturbance of systemic autoregulation causes development of dissipathogenic state of cells. A single zygote, whose environment is also important for the future development of the next two generations that are initiated with its formation, defines the unique identity of each person, whose life is determined by free will and neoplasms.

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