Neurobehavioural changes in rats after neonatal anoxia: effect of antioxidant stobadine pretreatment.

OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of the synthetic pyridoindole antioxidant stobadine (STO, 50mg/kg/day) on behavioural alterations induced by acute neonatal anoxia in rat offspring.

METHODS: STO was administered orally from day 15 of gestation up to day 7 post partum (PP). Pups of both genders were exposed to anoxia (100% N(2) for 10 minutes in a special glass chamber) on day 6 PP. After the anoxic insult, neurobehavioural development of rats (somatic growth and maturation, neuromotor and reflex development, spontaneous behaviour in open field) was evaluated up to adulthood.

RESULTS: Neonatal anoxia did not affect somatic growth and maturation. The anoxic insult resulted in hyperactivity of male offspring in the open field test. STO pretreatment was found to decrease the anoxia induced hyperactivity in male offspring, and affected also the performance of pups on rotating rod.

CONCLUSIONS: Since STO reduced anoxia-induced hyperactivity, we suggest its potential protective effect in acute hypoxic insults in the perinatal period.