Neonatal Psychoneuroimmunology: Emergence, Scope and Perspectives.

  Vol. 21 (3) 2000 Neuro endocrinology letters Journal Article   2000; 21(3): 175-186 PubMed PMID:  11455352    Citation

: Interdisciplinary Neonatology investigates and cares for at-risk babies, including risk for developmental disabilities. Psychoneuroimmunology seeks to unravel relationships amongst behavioural, neural, endocrine, and immune processes, and their mutual role in maintaining health and treating disease. This article presents an integrative approach to the emergence, scope and perspectives of a new sub-discipline, i.e. Developmental Neonatal Psychoneuroimmunology. The Equilibrium Model (ThEM) proposed by Adamson-Macedo (1991) will be used as a way of representing coactions; within this frame, Gottlieb's experiential canalization (1991b) contributes an explanation of how the psychoneuroimmunological development of the preterm neonate can be facilitated.

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