Micro analysis of metals in dental restorations as part of a diagnostic approach in metal allergies.

: In dentistry, a variety of potentially allergenic metals are used, such as mercury, palladium, nickel, gold, chromium, cobalt and other metals. This paper describes a diagnostic approach from a dentist's point of view, which enables analysis of metals in a patient's oral cavity. If metal allergy is suspected, a micro analysis can be used to determine which metals are present in the restorations. When the exact composition of the dental materials is known, the patient can be tested in vivo (patch test) and/or in vitro (lymphocyte proliferation test) to reveal sensitization. Two patients with nickel allergy are described where removal of nickel-containing materials (bridge and orthodontic wire) resulted in the marked alleviation of symptoms and improvement of health. Finally, if allergy to specific metals has been established, the restorations containing the implicated metals should be removed to discontinue the exposure and thus facilitate the patient's health.

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