Medical and salutogenic approaches and their integration in taking prenatal and postnatal care of immigrants.

OBJECTIVES: To compile a proposal of the system of taking complex prenatal, perinatal and postnatal care of pregnant immigrants in the Czech Republic with taking into account medical and salutogenic approaches.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: The research was implemented by the form of a controlled interview and was based on a questionnaire comprising 50 questions focused on the evaluation of taking the prenatal, natal and postnatal care of immigrants. The data were accumulated among immigrants from Vietnam, Mongolia and Ukraine.

RESULTS: It is possible to conclusively state that no principal dissatisfaction with taking care of pregnant women in the Czech Republic compared to native countries was demonstrated. There is a difference in a more considerable participation of midwives in the prenatal and natal care compared to the native countries. Failures in taking care of mothers-immigrants in the Czech Republic are considered to be the poor communication, particularly in association with the language barrier, limited possibilities of the participation of family members in the delivery and persisting unsuitable behaviour of certain healthcare professionals.

CONCLUSION: In the Czech Republic, the medical care is at a higher level compared to native countries. For the improvement of the salutogenic attitude, it is necessary to take into consideration certain results and provide their application to practice.

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