Articles by author - Shu-ran Ma

Dot1L mediated histone H3 lysine79 methylation is essential to meiosis progression in mouse oocytes.

OBJECTIVES: Post-translational modifications of lysine residues of histones can result in a series of functional changes. Lysine 79 of his.....

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Alterations of reproductive hormones and receptors of male rats at the winter and summer solstices and the effects of pinealectomy.

BACKGROUND: Photoperiodic changes mediate certain physiological or pathological alterations in organisms. Solstices represent either the l.....

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Estrogen altered facial mechanical pain threshold and trigeminal P2X3 receptor expression.

OBJECTIVES: P2X3 receptors are expressed in trigeminal ganglia (TG) and participate in the transduction of facial pain. However, the mecha.....

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