LH release by Cu and Ni salts and metal-GnRH complexes, in vitro.

: The present studies were undertaken to examine the effect of copper and nickel salts and their complexes with GnRH on LH release from the pig anterior pituitary cells in vitro. The potency of Cu-GnRH and Ni-GnRH binding to GnRH receptors with iodinated GnRH as a radioactive tracer was also verified. The incubation of pig pituitary cells with Cu and Ni acetate salts showed no effect of the studied ions on LH release at any concentration used. However, nickel salt at a lower dose (10(-10) and 10(-9) M) tended to decrease LH output. By contrast, the native GnRH as well as its metal complexes significantly stimulated LH release after three hours of treatment and Cu-GnRH was found to be the most effective. The results showed that Cu and Ni complexes with GnRH but not their acetate salts are effective in LH release from pig pituitary cells collected from adult female pigs.

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