Articles by author - Karel Jelen

Occurrence of critical driver's behavior as a result of alcohol intoxication.

OBJECTIVE: Operator's movements are one of the areas where variability is undesirable. Vehicle driving is probably the most frequent opera.....

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Women with incorrect pelvic floor statics: a biomechanical answer to the mechanical loading of the vagina-endopelvic fascia complex.

OBJECTIVE: This work focuses on finding method for detecting the elementary mechanical characteristics of the vagina-endopelvic fascia com.....

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Rheological properties of myometrium: experimental quantification and mathematical modeling.

: This work answers some questions related to detection of rheological properties of soft tissues exemplified in myometrium, stressed by e.....

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Shape characteristics of the foot arch: dynamics in the pregnancy period.

OBJECTIVES: The aim is data detection and finding some load consequences generated by various mechanical or physiological changes in the i.....

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Mechanical reaction of the frontal abdominal wall to the impact load during gravidity.

THE AIM OF THE STUDY: Selected parameters of mechanical characteristics of the gravid abdomen under impact load.


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