Internal consistency and factorial validity of the Slovak Version of the Young Schema Questionnaire - Short Form 3 (YSQ-S3).

  Vol. 40 (3) 2019 Neuro endocrinology letters Journal Article   2019; 40(3): 141-148 PubMed PMID:  31816218    Citation

OBJECTIVE: Young schema questionnaire - short form (YSQ-S3) represents a useful method for the identification of early maladaptive schemas in clinical and non-clinical samples. The study aimed to examine the internal consistency and factorial structure of the recently adapted Slovak version of YSQ-S3 in a non-clinical sample. METHODS: The sample consisted of 302 healthy participants from the general population in Slovakia. Slovak version of YSQ-S3 was used. Reliability analysis and confirmatory factor analysis were performed. RESULTS: The results suggest an acceptable internal consistency of early maladaptive schemas (EMSs). The Cronbach's alpha coefficients of YSQ-S3 subscales ranged from 0.54 to 0.85. Confirmatory factor analysis supports the factor structures of 18 unifactorial EMSs. The results partially support Young's theoretical schema clusters and fail to support the second-order factor model. CONCLUSION: In conclusion, the Slovak version of the YSQ-S3 is a psychometrically sound questionnaire that can be utilized for assessing EMS, both for research and clinical purposes.

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