Importance of screening serological examination of umbilical blood and the blood of the mother for timely diagnosis of congenital toxoplasmosis and toxocariasis.

OBJECTIVE: Parasitic diseases, particularly the congenital form of toxoplasmosis, can negatively affect the mortality and morbidity of newborns and infants.

METHODS: The authors examined 152 samples of umbilical blood in 152 women who had experienced premature delivery with or without PROM. The samples were examined for the titre of antibodies - the CFR, levels of immunoglobulins IgA and IGM (toxoplasmosis) and for titres of antibodies against toxocariasis.

RESULTS: No presence of IGM was demonstrated in association with the congenital form of toxoplasmosis. The values of titres of antibodies against toxocariasis were negative. There was only one case of a titre in a newborn higher than that in the mother. There was no clinical manifestation of the disease.

CONCLUSION: In spite of the negative result, the authors point out the possibility of a timely diagnosis of these parasitic diseases.

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