Historic discovery of natural thermodynamic cause of cancer.

  Vol. 33 (4) 2012 Neuro endocrinology letters Journal Article   2012; 33(4): 361-371 PubMed PMID:  22936259    Citation  Keywords:  Clone Cells:pathology, Humans, Neoplasms:etiology, Thermodynamics,.   

: The essence of life is best manifested in cell, which, when brought to the edge of its existence in the actual environment may and sometimes must self-organise into an entirely different cell (neoplasm), but it must enhance dissipation of matter and energy in its closest environment. This phenomenon has been described before as self-organisation of dissipative structures in physics, chemistry and even sociology. Each neoplastic cell is such a dissipative system - with its clonal growth, the cell causes increasing disorganisation of the body, in consequence leading to neoplastic disease. The only adequate cause of formation of neoplasms is an internal dissipathogenic cellular state, which is clinically identify as preneoplastic ones at the level of morphology or molecular biology but also biophysics. Two general directions for therapy of neoplastic diseases arise from the thermodynamic essence of neogenesis: the direct one - targeting neoplasms, and the indirect one - leading to normalisation or sufficient alteration of their environment. The greatest disappointment in the fight against neoplasm was the discovery of its thermodynamic cause in a natural self-organisation of biological dissipative structures. It is this dissipation that causes the signs and symptoms of neoplastic diseases ending with destruction of the body if the treatment comes too late and/or is insufficient, limited only to removal of neoplastic lesions without the always necessary elimination and/or prevention of preneoplastic (dissipathogenic) states.

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