Family centred care for the neonate -- the view from Wolverhampton.

  Vol. 25 (Suppl 1) 2004 Neuro endocrinology letters Journal Article   2004; 25(Suppl 1): 87-93 PubMed PMID:  15735590    Citation  Keywords:  Family Nursing, Humans, Infant Care, Infant, Newborn, Infant, Premature, Models, Nursing, Self Care,.   

: The increased technology of neonatal intensive care has meant that babies born at increasingly lower gestational age are surviving to be discharged home. A family centred approach in neonatal care supports the move toward patient or parent empowerment, which is vital, if babies are to be fully integrated into the family unit. Nurses are essential to the success of this process as they have the most direct and prolonged contact with both family and their baby. Critical care areas such as Neonatal Units (NNU) can be adjusted to support a more family focused philosophy. In Wolverhampton Orems 'Self-Care Model' of self care has been adapted to the family as the self care unit and simple adjustments to the area such as Quiet Times supports families feeling of well being and control.